A new place to follow.

What a year it has been. I am moving my blog to my website (I am told this will help my SEO and I always do what my IT people tell me to do).

I hope you will follow me there. Here is a little link to make it easy.

Wishing you all an amazing 2013.



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ARTIS PURA Custom Framing

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ARTIS PURA Custom Framing.

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New life for old frames.

I love old frames. Sometimes it is in the past that we can find a solution to a current problem. Acclaimed Queensland artist Mona Ryder came to me with two fabric pieces that had been part of an installation created for the opening of the Queensland Art Gallery. She had been searching for a long time for an oval frames and was not having any luck. The second issue being that the pieces were three-dimensional and this presented a problem with glazing so that the works did not touch the glass.

Looking to the past I suggested we hunt down a matching pair of oval frames traditionally made for portrait photography and religious images of the sacred heart and then finishing them to suit the works. These frames were usually made with slumped glass so this would solve the spacing problem.

Finding a matching pair with glass intact was not going to be easy. I must have trawled every antique store in Brisbane without luck. It is always when you are looking for something it isn’t there but when you are not looking you see them a dime a dozen. I was lucky enough to finally come across a pair online. Glass intact but the frames in terrible condition. Using techniques learnt at Lowy I was able to restore the frames and at last these works are hanging.






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The girl with the pearl earring connects on facebook.

A late night facebook email from a client needing a rush framing job for a photographic representation of Vermeers 17th century painting, “The girl with the pearl earring”, saw the challenge set. A quick facebook message to a friend at one of the wholesalers to confirm a morning rush order was possible and with a thumbs up there the client sent through the image on facebook and we chatted on design and desired outcome.

The client originally asked for a large ornate gold frame as this is what adorns the original painting by Vermeer. I explained that the Dutch in the 17th Century went against the elaborate ornate gilded mouldings of France and Italy and opted for simple ebonized timber mouldings often in a cassetta profile. In order to keep the work true to period the client chose to trust my judgement.

Now the preasure was on. Armed with my laptop and the wholesalers online catalogue I scrolled back and forth through hundreds of pages to put the final design together. Budget was also a considering factor as the final piece was for an assignment. With all this in mind and the clock nearing midnight I just placed the order and hit send. My last thought being, “I just hope the client got the size correct”

It all came together well and the client was very happy with the final result. All through the power of social media. I wonder what Vermeer and the girl with the pearl earring would have thought all those years ago if they heard this story?

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Keep music alive!

There is a new movement hitting the streets.

People are rejecting mass consumerism and the flimsy low quality boxes

masquerading as the art of custom framing.

 Say no to blutak, hot lam and push pins!

Don’t let the pieces of music history fade and be lost under the bed.

Make your framing reflect the music!


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Just a bit spooky!

I love the tradition in framing. Slightly obsessed, I collect anything framing related from history. I particulary like the the hand drawn embellished mats that professional photos were presented in from the late 1800’s till the 1950’s.  In my search for interesting designs I purchased a bulk lot from the United States. Rummaging through my acquisition I was floored, left speachless and a little spooked. There was me, looking back at me. An early 1900’s me. I quickly showed my husband and he too was without words. Just to make sure we were not imagining this we showed our then two year old son and asked him “who’s this?”. “Mummy” was the reply.

Well this photo just had to be framed!

Incorporating an old hand drawn, silk roughed matting with an arched bronze metal liner, a new inner linen matting and a bronze antiqued design frame I feel we have honored this lady, whoever she may have been.












ARTIS PURA Custom Framing



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Where the mad one has been hiding!

What a crazy time it has been since arriving back in Australia after my framing adventure in Las Vegas and New York. Before leaving on my trip I had decided that it was time for a monumental change in where I was headed within the framing industry. This was fueled by a desire to learn the techniques and traditions of the craft and someone close to me within the industry claiming there was no where for me to go. I felt stuck, demoralised and without opportunity. It became clear that I had to create the opportunity, I had to pull myself out of the rut and be brave.

A friend told me that you will never get anywhere or achieve anything more unless you get yourself scared. If you are not scared then you are comfortable. So I decided to get terrified. Starting with learning all I could in the time I had over in the US and combining that with my experience I would like to announce the opening of


Find out more at   or

find us on Facebook

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